Berry and Thread Juliska Whites Past Basket Milwaukee

The All-White Approach to Style

Many, if not most, of the brides we talk to choose white dishes for their wedding registry. And while we love the clean look and design of our vendors that select the snowy hue, we wonder how this aesthetic has come to reign in major popularity. From all white kitchens to everything white in a table setting, we have to […]

Styling your home: 5 ways to achieve a farmhouse look

When reminiscing about my grandmother’s farmhouse in Estonia, the word that always comes to mind is “simplicity.” In the room where family gathered to eat, there was a table and chairs and – that’s it. The “farmhouse style” trend is everywhere, no matter whether you live in the city or the country, and many would like to capture the modest […]

JONATHAN's Artisan Cherry wood SPOONS Past Basket Milwaukee

Artisan Spotlight: Jonathan’s Spoons

One of our favorite artisan mediums, the collection of wood pieces here at Past Basket, is functional artwork at its most pure. Creating bowls, spoons, serving platters, cutting boards, and so many more beautiful pieces, our wood artisans use the beauty of the tree to fashion variations on the everyday that leave a breathtaking presentation. One particular artisan, Jonathan Simons […]

Table setting etiquette

Table setting guide and etiquette

After years of watching Downton Abbey, one would think we were all masters of table setting via visual osmosis. However, we all need a refresher in the proper way to set a table. Our handy infographic will easily guide you in the nuances of what goes where in an informal setting.   Save Save Now that you are familiar with […]

Color Pop Glasses in Turquoise

Notable new treasures for Spring

#1 – Bunnies! We all know how bunnies like to multiply and that’s exactly what’s happened in our store for Spring! We’ve added Bunnies By The Bay to our Kids’ Room, which include sweet (and exceptionally soft) plush stuffed animals. In the kitchen we are stocking bunny tea towels and in terms of whimsical décor, Vaillancourt Folk Art rabbits have […]

Nick Moen Past Basket Milwaukee Artisan Spotlight

Artisan Spotlight: Nick Moen

We always have you in mind when we are selecting items to bring in store, so that when you walk through our doors, your time here is inspired and special. Nick Moen Studios, based out of Asheville, North Carolina, is a part of our store now, adding beautifully to the prominent artisan element of our offerings. Nick’s work includes handmade […]

Place setting ideas French Tableware Napkins Past Basket Milwaukee

3 napkin folding ideas for your holiday table

When setting your holiday table this year, don’t put your napkins on the back burner. Find a napkin fold that not only fits the formalness or informalness of your occasion, but your personality as well. In regards to etiquette once your meal has begun, The Emily Post Institute urges guests leaving a table to always return their napkins to the […]

Simon Pearce personalized vase Past Basket Milwaukee

Over 50 Sentiment and Saying Ideas for Customized Gifts

– COMPLIMENTARY PERSONALIZATION EVENT – If you’re at a loss for words when it comes to to personalizing a gift with a sentiment or saying, Simon Pearce offers some lovely suggestions to help you express your deepest gratitude. From traditional celebrations like Christmas, Hanukkah, and Thanksgiving, to intimate occasions like anniversaries, dear friendships, and new engagements, you’re bound to find […]

GIEN dinnerware available at Past Basket

A virtual stroll through France

Known for their sense of style and fashion – not only in couture – but also in decorating, the French take great pride in their workmanship as well. In addition to timeless design, meticulous detail, and uncompromising quality are the hallmarks of many French products at Past Basket. Yves Delorme bedding, GIEN dinnerware, Le Jacquard Francais table linens, and so […]

vis-a-vis paillettes in gold by Le Jacquard Francais

Alternate ways to use a tablecloth

Don’t be afraid to be creative with your table linens. Below are some perfect examples of how to be brave with your textiles via  Le Jacquard Francais. From runners to luxury linens that let your gorgeous vintage table peek through, we’re all about inspiring our clients to make their homes a place they are eager to host celebrations – or […]