4 tips to successful outdoor entertaining

Image of Field of Flowers by Juliska at Past Basket Milwaukee.

Field of Flowers by Juliska at Past Basket Milwaukee.

Outdoor entertaining can be as simple or complex as you make it, so rather than reinvent the wheel, why not get on the repurpose bandwagon and bring your favorite home accents outside? From easily transportable herbal plantings in lovely containers, to bypassing misconceptions about using everything “paper” during the warm weather season, here are 4 tips for knockout (and memorable) outdoor entertaining…

#1 – Embrace patio herbs

Nowlan bowls by Simon Pearce at Past Basket Milwaukee

Nowlan bowls by Simon Pearce at Past Basket Milwaukee. Please note: Narcissus should not be eaten.

A delightful way to spruce up your patio and add to the freshness of your cuisine is to plant patio herbs. Think of the aroma combined with the visual beauty of placing your plants in a decorative bowl or multiple small vases, which you can easily transport in and out of the house. Simon Pearce features a charming hand sculpted bowl, featured in the image above, called the “Nowlan.” This hand-blown and molded vessel will showcase your favorite edible flavorings as a lovely table centerpiece.

#2 – Enjoy bug-free patio parties

Juliska Berry and thread at Past Basket Milwaukee

Juliska Berry & Thread Large Hurricane (on left) at Past Basket Milwaukee.

Our best suggestions for keeping bugs off and away from your delectable spread is to keep scented candles in hurricanes (further adding to the ambiance of your summer soiree) and making sure you have food covers. A little thoughtful planting will also go a long way, as lemongrass planted around your garden and even in planters around busy areas will deter mosquitos from crashing your party. The Berry & Thread Large Hurricane (pictured above) blends both indoors and out, setting the scene for intimate moments spent in the fresh air.

#3 – Freshen up decorative accents

throw pillows at Past Basket Milwaukee

Past Basket has a variety of throw pillows and home accents to seasonally spruce up your home.

Throw pillows will do wonders for outdoor furniture and we always make sure we have a few options to enhance your style. Swapping out pillows seasonally brings a homier feel to outdoor spaces that can otherwise feel stiff. Bright colors or outdoor themed elements like our gardening pillows bring whimsy to your venue.

#4 – Bring your dishes and linens outside

Nappe Enduite Hawaii Tropical tablecloth by Le Jacquard Francais at Past Basket Milwaukee.

Hawaii Tropical Coated Tablecloth by Le Jacquard Francais at Past Basket Milwaukee, makes cleanup easy as it is waterproof and stain resistant.

Break from the usual tradition of disposable paper products and bring your brightly colored table linens, napkins, and tableware outside for your gatherings. We especially like Le Jacquard Francais and LinenMe to brighten a party table, which will immediately upgrade your event from humdrum backyard BBQ to the luxury event of the summer. Some hostesses are hesitant to bring their dishes out of the house, but brands like Juliska (who boast being a part of your everyday) are meant to be used anywhere and everywhere!

How do you like to customize your al fresco dining?