All Things French: The colors of France


(Seville by Le Jacquard Français in Lemon)

The hues of French country decoration embody natures colors of the region of Provence. The fields of lavender, sunflowers, and corn, the red clay of the earth, the warmth of the stone, the cool of the Rhône River and the Mediterranean Sea – all under shades of a blue sky – are interpreted in the French country home in brightly colored tiles, painted doors and furniture.

And of course, we cannot forget the brightly glazed dishes and exquisitely woven or printed textiles.

I cannot help but think about the harmonious way Le Jacquard Français weaves their luxury table linens, all the while capturing the liveliness of an event. Their collections, no matter what your mood or the nature of the event you are hosting, define celebration.

On the flip side of celebration is the joy of everyday life and designers at Le Jacquard Français do not pass over the simple gatherings. Tea towels and practical tablecloths for daily living, although they see the uneventful moments of dinner making, homework, and household chores, Le Jacquard Français makes sure even these activities have an aesthetic sprinkling of lively color.