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A trifle not to be trifled with.

All of Simon Pearce’s glassware has a wonderful hand blown elegance. Their Trifle bowl is no exception – it is beautiful and very versatile… a great gift. Don’t have time to whip up a Trifle from scratch for Easter dinner? Here’s my quick recipe: Quick and Easy Trifle 1 pound cake or lady fingers 1 jar good quality raspberry jam […]

Devon Di Iorio

Pyrographic artist and calligrapher, Devon Di Iorio

To say we are supporters of the artisan is an understatement, as Past Basket has been featuring creative designers since the opening of our first shop in St. Charles, Illinois, in 1976. Not only do we like to showcase artisans in store, but we love to invite them in to visit! At our wedding event in April, we will be […]

All Things French: Sabre Paris

Paris Fashion Week has come and gone, yet what a thrill that we get to live vicariously through a week of iconic designers via the Internet.  We also get a small taste in-store through our beloved French vendors who create fabulous tableware. Sabre Paris was created by Francis and Pascale Gelb, a French couple who focused on creating flatware, table […]

Relax, it’s linen!

Finally this year, linen is the new trend to have in your home, which is exciting yet silly at the same time because we have always been lovers of linen over here at Past Basket. We find some customers have been downright fearful at the mention of using the fabric in years past, almost as if they were running from a venomous […]

To “service plate” or not to “service plate”

Questions have emerged from customers regarding the proper use of a service plate, the largest plate in a place setting. Hence, I am compelled to share with you a few interesting bits of information about what is commonly referred to today as a “charger”. The service plate is also known as a buffet plate, charger plate, cover plate, or place […]

Homekeeping Tips from Linda: removing wax and wine stains

Cleanup, while not a hostesses favorite thing to do after a successful party, is a necessary task. Beyond the washing of the dishes and stowing of leftovers, there will inevitably be a stain or two remaining on your linens – specifically red wine and candle wax. Here are simple suggestions to remove the stain for each offender: For wine: To remove […]

All things French Fridays: Yves Delorme

At Past Basket, we can easily say that we are passionate about linens and we love a good story. All of our vendors and artisans come from interesting beginnings and our favorite French bed linen company hands-down is Yves Delorme. The history of this company dates back to 1845, when Mme Ernestine Fremaux and her husband started a linen weaving […]

Simon Pearce Christmas Trees Past Basket Milwaukee

4 wedding registry gifts that instantly become heirlooms

You don’t want to register for all the things that your mother did, but you do want some items that will become your family heirlooms. Here are some ideas for registry gifts that will inevitably one day be a cherished piece that represents your legacy. – Linda #1 – A cake plate for celebrations #2 – Toasting glasses #3 – The “special” […]

All things French Fridays: Jars Ceramics

Turning objects of day-to-day living into works of art, Pierre Jars created his ceramic company, the”Manufactures de Poterie Jars” in South of France in 1857. Using superior craftsmanship and high quality materials, Pierre transformed functional into beautiful with his stoneware. Today Jars creates stylish contemporary tableware collections in glazed stoneware. The traditional craft of potters’ skills has been passed down […]

Basket weaving artisan, Betsy Gallagher, at Past Basket

We all possess a favorite container of sorts to hold cherished things or simply organize items left out and about in our homes. Baskets have a special place in my heart as our shop originally started in a space no larger than a basket. We love hosting artisans at Past Basket and are thrilled to have Betsy Gallagher, a well-versed […]