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Get The Look: Four Steps to “Breezy Entertaining”

Past Basket owner, Linda McFadden, describes “Breezy Entertaining” as simple, casual, and above all – unpretentious. Whip up your favorite potato salad recipe, head down to the water, and get busy relaxing this summer! Here are four helpful tips on how to get that Breezy Entertaining look: Step #1: Opt Out of Paper Products Don’t be afraid to use your […]

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3 napkin folding ideas for your holiday table

When setting your holiday table this year, don’t put your napkins on the back burner. Find a napkin fold that not only fits the formalness or informalness of your occasion, but your personality as well. In regards to etiquette once your meal has begun, The Emily Post Institute urges guests leaving a table to always return their napkins to the […]

Image of Field of Flowers by Juliska at Past Basket Milwaukee.

4 tips to successful outdoor entertaining

Outdoor entertaining can be as simple or complex as you make it, so rather than reinvent the wheel, why not get on the repurpose bandwagon and bring your favorite home accents outside? From easily transportable herbal plantings in lovely containers, to bypassing misconceptions about using everything “paper” during the warm weather season, here are 4 tips for knockout (and memorable) […]

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Photos from our Wedding Registry event

Our April Wedding event was an informative and joyful event for all! Brides and guests gushed over the beautiful tablescapes and indulged in hors d’oeuvres and treats. Here is a sampling of how we inspired our attendees and brought celebration to life! One guest commented: “My expectations were exceeded! Kristen’s talk was very informative and helpful. Every detail was so […]

Marshall Field's History of wedding registries

A brief history of the wedding registry

Marshall Field created the first wedding registry in 1924, instilling in every retailer’s head the mantra, “Give the lady what she wants.” Presenting gifts to a couple for their wedding is not out of the ordinary as guests have been bringing thoughtful sentiments to unions for centuries. While the first wedding gift could be thought as the dowry, a price paid in […]

A trifle not to be trifled with.

All of Simon Pearce’s glassware has a wonderful hand blown elegance. Their Trifle bowl is no exception – it is beautiful and very versatile… a great gift. Don’t have time to whip up a Trifle from scratch for Easter dinner? Here’s my quick recipe: Quick and Easy Trifle 1 pound cake or lady fingers 1 jar good quality raspberry jam […]

Easter egg decorating without the dye

It’s almost Easter! Time for new blooms and decorating Easter eggs. Did you know you can use onion peels to create a marble-like egg? Yes, indeed! A nice (and natural) alternative to the traditional dye variety, onions yield a creative power few know about… Here’s how to create your own marble Easter eggs: STEP 1 – Save your outer onion skins, both red and […]

Devon Di Iorio

Pyrographic artist and calligrapher, Devon Di Iorio

To say we are supporters of the artisan is an understatement, as Past Basket has been featuring creative designers since the opening of our first shop in St. Charles, Illinois, in 1976. Not only do we like to showcase artisans in store, but we love to invite them in to visit! At our wedding event in April, we will be […]

The anatomy of a wedding registry

Ah, the hope chest of today – the wedding registry! Creating this epic collection of wishes can seem like a daunting task, but it doesn’t have to be. Everyone needs a source for expression, and I find at the heart of every registry is personal style. This can be hard to draw out of some, as life seems to change […]

Basket weaving artisan, Betsy Gallagher, at Past Basket

We all possess a favorite container of sorts to hold cherished things or simply organize items left out and about in our homes. Baskets have a special place in my heart as our shop originally started in a space no larger than a basket. We love hosting artisans at Past Basket and are thrilled to have Betsy Gallagher, a well-versed […]