Gien Paris

For 200 years, Gien faience has been appreciated for its distinctive personality: the richness of its colours and the fineness and variety of its shapes. Partly handmade according to the traditions of ancestral craftsmanship and with each piece being unique. It bears distinctive characteristics such as different nuances in its colours, minute differences in its designs and its shapes, which all contribute to its charm. Past Basket Milwaukee has many Gien products in our retail store including Indigo, Allure, Oiseau Blue, Sologne, Pont Aux Choux, Toscana and others.

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Garance Gien Past Basket Milwaukee

Garance by Gien

Coquettes table Gien Past Basket Milwaukee

Coquettes by Gien

Gien Allure Past Basket Milwaukee

Allure Tea Cup & Saucer Tulipes by Gien

Cavaliers Gien Past Basket Milwaukee

Cavaliers by Gien

Gien Jardins Extraordinaires Past Basket Milwaukee

Jardins Extraordinaires by Gien

Holly Gien Past Basket Milwaukee

Holly by Gien

Gien Tulipes Noires

Tulipes Noires by Gien

Soledad Gien Past Basket Milwaukee

Les Amoureux – Soledad by Gien


Gien Allure

Allure by Gien

Gien Pont Aux Choux Blanc

Pont Aux Choux Blanc by Gien

de paris a giverny Gien Past Basket Milwaukee

Paris á Giverny by Gien

Gien Oiseau Blue Fruits

Oiseau Blue Fruits by Gien

Gien Toscana

Toscana by Gien


Sologne by Gien

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