On a tranquil farm in the rural Finger Lakes region of New York, MacKenzie-Childs designs and handcrafts ceramic tableware, furniture, and home accents that hold the surprise and joy of the unexpected. It is fitting that Past Basket Milwaukee serves as Milwaukee’s go to resource for the MacKenzie-Childs line.

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Mackenzie-Childs at Past Basket Milwaukee

MacKenzie-Childs at Past Basket Milwaukee


Something special from the start. Handmade in Aurora, MacKenzie-Childs ceramic pottery holds a special place in our hearts, and we are proud to share this unique artisanal craft with you. We first began making pottery in 1983, and today we still make almost all of our pottery, from design inspiration to final quality check, right here. From Aurora, we ship our products across the country and around the world.

Our works of functional art are formed using traditional techniques: hand-trimmed, fired, glazed, decorated, and fired up to three more times, depending on the pattern. Although the process takes time, it ensures that every piece is as individual as the wildflowers that grace our meadows.

Each piece is hand-painted and no two are exactly alike. Our pottery decorators mix their own colors, resulting in slight variations. Brush strokes also vary, so you will see the artisan’s “hand” in the work. The signature red clay that we use in all of our Aurora studio pottery has its own delightful identity. In the finished piece, you may notice tiny pinholes or white spots which are characteristic of majolica pottery. These form when organic materials within the clay explode through the glazed surface during firing, or implode pulling the color inward. We like to think that these dimples and freckles add to the personality of each piece.

At each step of the process, our artisans add their stamps to the work, along with the studio mark and date of manufacture. Turn over each ceramic piece to see the stamps of the artisans who helped create it.

The signature red clay that we use in all of our Aurora studio pottery has its own delightful personality. While charming in its idiosyncrasy, our red clay is not appropriate for manufacturing tile, where consistent uniformity and precision are essential. So, to create our tile collections, we found a ceramics studio in the highlands of central Mexico, skilled in creating luxury tile. Our designers travel to Mexico to train their artisans in each new pattern, ensuring both consistent quality and a result that is uniquely MacKenzie-Childs.

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