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Linen Care

Taking proper care of your linens will help preserve the beauty and give long life to your fine linens. Please refer to the label attached to the item itself. In general, it is best to use cold or warm water when washing cotton to avoid shrinkage. Never use fabric softener, tumble dry with warm heat and try not to over dry your linens. Please be aware that certain facial creams and body lotions contain peroxide or other bleaching agents. Some of these agents may cause discoloration which doesn’t appear right away, but often upon washing.

We asked our friends at The Laundry at Linens Ltd. , who have been laundering and restoring linens for over 50 years for some of their time-honored techniques and suggestions for treating stains. For more information, visit

In general, flushing a stain with water is the best technique. Make certain that you have enough water to thoroughly flow through the stain. Avoid rubbing the stain without enough water, as this may cause damage to the fabric. Making a paste or using a concentrated solution of detergent (like The Laundry’s Finest Laundry Powder) will help to remove a stain. When working a stain, it is best to dab it with a very wet cloth, and then flush with water. It’s always a good idea to place a white terrycloth towel or a paper towel underneath the stain to absorb what comes out. Also, be certain to replace, clean or rinse frequently whatever cloth, sponge, cotton swab, cotton ball or napkin you are using. This will prevent you from simply rubbing the stain back into the item.

Shrinkage will happen with any item made from natural fibers such as cotton. The shrinkage amount will range from 2-10%, depending on the fabric. Our items are made to allow for these shrinkage amounts although linens washed or dried in extreme hot temperatures will shrink excessively.

If you plan on storing your linens, iron them and make sure they are stored flat in a dry environment. Make certain that they are not exposed to direct sunlight to avoid color fading.

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