Relax, it’s linen!

Linen Throws

(Linen throws from Traditions Linens.)

Finally this year, linen is the new trend to have in your home, which is exciting yet silly at the same time because we have always been lovers of linen over here at Past Basket. We find some customers have been downright fearful at the mention of using the fabric in years past, almost as if they were running from a venomous snake. Thankfully, with a little boost from the almighty “trend gods” (whoever they may be), linen is in fashion now and we can all get over our fear of being wrinkled.

A textile woven from the flax plant, linen has been used since medieval times for household furnishings, such as sheets and tablecloths. Linen can be woven into the coarsest of the coarse, unbleached, even brown in color all the way to the smoothest woven damask bleached white.

The qualities of linen can truthfully be known as much stronger and more lustrous than cotton. The fiber produces cool, absorbent fabrics that wrinkle easily, however those words, “wrinkle easily” have made linen the fabric to stay away from.

After all, who wants to wear a garment that crushes and looks like it has never been ironed?

So let’s dwell on its absorption and coolness, shall we?

Fabrics that are very absorbent give us the feeling of coolness as they absorb moisture from the body, hence, linen bedding makes for a cool night’s sleep.


LinenMe Bed at Past Basket Milwaukee

(LinenMe bedding available at Past Basket)

Now that we are introducing linen as the go-to fabric for refreshing moments of comfort, let’s also introduce linen as the fabric that can have a look of un-ironed bedding and table linens.

Enter the term – “relaxed linens.”

The best way to achieve the “relaxed” look is to wash and dry on a clothesline on a day of the week that boasts a gentle breeze. And voila! Natural air conditioning. Or, if you want to continue to be a slave to linen, continue to press it very smooth, and watch it relax as you lay in its cool comfort.

I encourage you to resist discounting this fabric because of the presumptuous notion that a wrinkled state is inherently negative. Instead, embrace the texture and take time to feel the weave. Look to linen to provide a cool contentment during the upcoming warm weather season.

Linen options at Past Basket:

Bella Notte Linens, Matouk, SDH Fine European Linens, John Robshaw Textiles, Libeco, Le Jaquard Francais, LinenMe, Bodrum, Yves Delorme, Traditions Linens, Pine Cone Hill. All our table and bedding linens do have some linen options.