Spring updates for home and indoor gardens

Spring is a time of renewal, change, and a desperate need for freshening up after the chill of winter finally makes its exit. There are so many ways we can put winter to bed, from inviting greenery onto your mantle display to finding places to weave in color, we couldn’t be more excited to offer suggestions for making your livable space a brighter place to be this spring.

Bring branches in.

Spring blooms

Beauty is about to awaken! Take to the outdoors and snip some bare branches and bring them in, then place them in water. Known as “forcing” a bloom, this technique can be carried out as early as January with some tree and shrub varieties. They will bud, then leaf, and sometimes blossom.

Types of branches that make beautiful arrangements: forsythia, crab, redbud, lilac, or just be surprised. (Tip – Resist the urge to put pussy willow in water. As lovely as the Salix caprea is as a spring arrangement, they naturally move into a stage where they become messy with pollen.)

Make sure to follow good pruning techniques, display your potential blooms away from direct sunlight, and keep branches away from other sources of heat. If you think in terms of Mother Nature, you will want to create an environment that is as close to spring as possible. Make sure to change the container of water each week.

Now wait for your arrangement to bloom and bring in spring!

Get a jumpstart on your herb garden.

Vases and Vessels

(Vases and Vessels by Juliska, found at Past Basket)

Start pots inside to get a leg up on herbs. This proactive deed is not only good for future dishes, but great for the soul as well. The sight of new growth and the smell of rosemary and thyme invigorate the sluggishness of our winter senses.

Use an interesting container – Flea market or antique tea cups are a fun alternative to standard pots, but make sure you allow for drainage by carefully drilling a small hole at the bottom of your cup.

Don’t be scared to grow from a seed – A little potting soil and some gentle watering (a mister is often helpful) will bring your herb garden to life before the ground thaws. (Tip – be mindful not to overwater, as root rot is a precursor to death in the gardening world. If you do get overly excited with watering, Fine Gardening Magazine has a wonderful reference entitled, “10 Ways to Keep Your Garden Healthy.”)

Embrace color.

Le Jacquard Francais

(Le Jacquard Francais tablecloth found at Past Basket)

Probably the easiest ways to bring spring into your home is to add color! Pillows, table linens, and throws are a surefire way to re-energize your day-to-day surroundings. Why not swap out your tablecloth to brighten your everyday white dishes?

And don’t forget your bedroom. A rotation of linens is a wonderful way to make that change from cozy and cuddly to the cool and crisp feel that spring brings. Linen is an often misunderstood fabric that will lend a hand with absorption needed in warmer weather and bring an aesthetic lightness to the new season.

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