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From wedding events to sales and gifts with purchase, there is always something happening at Past Basket!

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The Best of Both Worlds...a traditional registry with world class one on one support from our knowledgeable associates mixed with the convenience of shopping on - line.

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The easiest Customer Loyalty Program ever! Introducing our very own PB Perks.


L'Amour et Savoir Vivre- Love and The Art of Knowing How to Live Well.

A real retail experience, unlike any other.

For over 30 years the Past Basket family has watched as trends shift, buying habits change and the world of retail becomes more homogenized. We too are a constantly changing entity. While we and the world around us change, our core beliefs will never waiver – we are committed to the celebration of the creative spirit, to the building of relationships, not assembly lines and that everything we sell has a story to tell. As a company we are determined to honor and preserve the past while also embracing new designs that will withstand the tests of time, and trends, and allow our customers to carve out their own inimitable history.